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Why is the church silent?

I try to understand what is going on in our community especially with our churches. I was always taught that the church was the place where people come for healing and deliverance. What has happened? Why are so many of our churches turning into SHRINES. Why doesn't the church community rally to solve real issues within our communities? Are we waiting for the Pastor to do it? Are we waiting for a vote from the "official board?" Have we become so "ME" focused that we are numb to what's happening around us? Is the goal to be good "Christians" with "TRIBAL CHURCH mentality?" Why are we so silent! Isn't our purpose as Christian to witness to others? Wouldn't it make sense to pool our resources to change lives and build strong communities or has the role of the church changed? Why is the CHURCH (the people)  
We say we love the youth but where are the funds and resources to grow and develop youth ministries and youth leaders? Where are the youth
leadership conferences and training sessions for youth leaders? Why can't there be more church to church partnerships. Does the saying.....
"United we stand, divided we fall" mean anything to anybody?
Can somebody help us find answers to these concerns?  

John 15:16

Jake Holmes
Countywide Tri-Cities Youth
Leadership Conference and 
Music Workshops

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10AM-Praise Dance- Tasha Cobb
10AM-Mime Ministry-LaKeisha Dillard
12: Noon-Free Lunch
11AM- Advance Praise Dancers-Vernita Williams
1PM- Adult Praise Dancers-Vernita Williams
12 Noon- Young and Gifted-6-13
1PM- Youth Choir Rehearsal-Greg Mitchell
2PM- Adult Mime Ministry-LaKeisha Dilliard
3PM- Adult Ensemble- Jake Holmes, Herbert Pollard
3PM- Advance Praise Dance
3PM- Advance Praise Dance
3PM- Vocal Coaching Class- Jake Holmes
4PM- Intermediate Praise Dance
4PM- Adv. Hip Hop Gospel Dance- Alvin Fowlkes
4PM- Pageant Show Rehearsal
4PM- Pageant Dance Rehearsal
12 Noon to 2PM: Countywide Leadership Conference
Countywide Tri-Cities Metro Choir